Housing Crisis Action was founded in 2020 as a way for renters and workers in Canada to advocate for ending homelessness and addressing the housing crisis for good.

We believe:

  • Housing is a basic human right, and the market has failed to deliver affordable housing
  • We have to make radical changes to the housing system to better for for everyone.
  • Homelessness is a moral nightmare, an any government which does not bring an immediate and permanent end to homelessness is failing their basic duties.

Our strategy:

  • Public advocacy for needed solutions to the housing crisis across Canada
  • Research and Humane Policy Development for the 99%

How to help:

  • We're funded entirely by small donations from regular people. We're entirely volunteer-run and pay for servers out of pocket. Chip in if you can.
  • Share our petitions and links far and wide, and we can make a big difference.